Having a talented person in our class……

ANN was amazing with the masks and I’m pretty sure everyone in my class  can agree with me but i think that’s as much fun as Ive had in a long time  and miss h had fun to but the most fun was when we had to presentate them in front of the whole class and do plays about them …                  I would want to maby make puppets with ann next time and thanks ann for coming in and making masks with my class and we seen the grade 5 classes puppets and they were pretty cool the ones that we seen…..?


Well my presentation i think it was good but but me and my partner didn’t really plan out the way we wanted and i was not ready i didn’t know what to say and well do you know  on movies when they do presentations and when they freeze up that’s how i feel but other than that i think me and Ashley did good..?


Christmas is awesome because well you get lots of presents and after my family opens their presents up we celebrate and usually before Christmas brake are class plays sec-rate Santa and i like Christmas because most of the time my mom and dad are working and i don’t really spend lots of time with them but on Christmas they get work off and i get some bond time………?

Connecting with pears

I connect with pears if there nice and well I think I connect with pears well and most of my pears are teachers so i haft to listen and do as they say I mostly just listen to the teacher that is teaching and don’t really pay attention to the others but i haft to pay more attention in class i can admit that but its hard to pay attention when there’s lots of people trying to talk to you…?

My family

my family well there’s not much to say about them but i have 3 brothers and 1 sister and there cool. my moms job well she is always saying that her job is hard but she likes it anyways. my dad my dad works at nelsons milk and cheese he makes all the machines work and fixes them if they heed to be fixed. I have a little brother and he was born about a month ago and hes cool. My two other brothers there like the devil there always bugging me and i don’t really like them that much…..?

digital citizenship……..?

Digital Citizenship is a concept which helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students,children,technology users should know to use technology appropriately. Digital Citizenship is more than just a teaching tool it is a way to prepare students,technology users for a society full of technology.

People characterizing themselves as digital citizens often use IT extensively, creating blogs, use social networking and other means of modern communication. Digital citizenship begins the first time any child, teen, and/or adult signs up for an email address, posts pictures online, uses e-commerce to buy merchandise online, and/or participates in any electronic function.